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Lotus Primecare was set up in 2014 by Dr Chirag Gorasia, a young Clinical Psychologist who had the dream of setting up a private psychological therapies practice with a difference. As well as providing Psychological Therapy to both adults and children, Lotus Primecare also works to increase awareness of Psychological Wellbeing and Mental Health in the general public. Lotus Primecare is also committed to support the next generation of Psychological Therapists by providing support, guidance and career advice to those interested in pursuing careers in both Clinical Psychology and Psychology in general. Lotus Primecare believes that Psychological Therapy should be available to everyone that needs it and is committed to supporting families and individuals to access the help they need.

The Lotus Primecare Philosophy

The Lotus flower grows in murky water yet in many cultures it is seen to symbolise purity, awakening and beauty. At night the lotus flower closes its petals and falls beneath the water and then when the sun rises, the petals open and the flower re-emerges. We believe that irrespective of a person’s background, past or present everyone has the potential to grow, blossom and work through their difficulties so that they can have the future they desire. Whilst there are some aspects of distress such as past events and some life situations that are not in an individual’s control, it still possible to work towards a position of acceptance. Whilst this may not change a situation, therapy helps a person to feel less distressed and focus on what is in their control and progress towards the future they would like to strive for. Lotus Primecare prides its self on being non-judgemental, compassionate and caring to all that seek our help and support. If we feel that we are not able to help you or your loved ones with their difficulties, we will always do our best to sign post you to a service or provider that may be able to help.

Our Services

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Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Skype Consultations
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Autism Assessment
Seminars and Workshops

Find out how to get in touch

You can get in touch with our team using the enquiry form opposite. Alternatively please email us at info@lotusprimecare.com

We understand that sometimes it’s easier to speak to someone. You can also leave us your contact number and a brief message and we will arrange a convenient time to call you back.

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